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Ok, so what does this mod now exactly do? Well Like the title says you can play The 2003 experience of Half-Life 2 Now that's not all I want this to be an "SDK" for creating your own mods and projects, What you have read that before? that's because It's inspired by a project called Coterminus, and since I did not want to wait I made my own little mod it's the entire 2003 beta ported to source 2013 providing stability and an easier way to create beta mods.

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The part 1 release is put to 24 of august at 8 PM GMT+1

Now The NPC's that are right now in-game are

The bullsquid

The Houndeye

and the Assasin

For the weapons


  • both SMG's
  • the flaregun
  • the combine guard gun
  • the tau cannon
  • the machine gun
  • the Phys gun
  • the stun stick
  • the ice axe
  • shotgun (with the beta textures)
  • the Molotov
  • Brickbat
  • slam
  • AR1 (yes with all 5 firing modes)
  • The binoculars
  • The hopwire

The weapons that still need to be added are the: Incendiary rifle, and the Immolator

Now for the maps, it is kind of a mess. the canals are fully playable and Ravenholm is almost done, yes with the digger(it has and other model tho!) I have one coast map done and that's it.

In conclusion, I'm going to release it in two parts. One part is going to be all maps till the end of the coast maps and everything that comes afterward is part 2. Part one will have all the weapons, for the NPC's I'm not sure.

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