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I think i should give some information about this mod :

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Mission Chronicles

1-Ring of steel

Date - 18.04.1945

Place - Pankow/Berlin

First, your katyushka rockets will fire a barrage of rockets.

After that you attack first German positions untill reaching the clocktower.

When you clear the Clocktower your tank will move and crash a wall.

And you should clear Germans to reach Ashlyum(White buildings and its garden)

Finally your tanks will join your attack to destroy the streets.(When your squad say "Comrades, our tanks are now advancing)

2 - Eviction

Place - Berlin

You will start fighting in a street of Berlin "Berlin will be in ruins by the time this war is over"

When you reach end of the street your artillery will fire and crush the Germans.

After that you will continue figting in metro.

Finally if you reach the and of the metro platform there will be flood and end of this mission.

3 - Hearth of The Reich

Date - 29.04.1945

Place - Reichstag/Berlin

You will clear some buildings from Nazis on the way of the Reichstag.

After that you must destroy the Flak/88's.

If you take your troops near the Flak/88's they automatically plant time demo charges.

Monument is the most important position to contr the battlefield.

And, finally you will reach the Reichstag stairs. You must take out the SS defenders.

(Players can hear German propaganda at this level)

4 - Downfall

Date - 30.04.1945

Place - Reichstag Interrior

You will fight all rooms in Reichstag to raise to red flag on Berlin.

5 - Defence Of The Reichstag(Bonus)

Defen the Reichstag against Red Army.

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