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So i posted this on the forums at and thought i would share it here. Once the games released please post any bugs within the appropriate boards on the forums mentioned.

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A little about the Alpha builds.

These are not meant to be played properly, they are for testing purposes and nothing else. You will probably be plagued by bugs, naked people, missing icons/armours/weapons/scenes ect, wrong lore, still parts of the Brytenwalda modification in the game ruining immersion. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Please dont come here complaining your game is broken or your saves no longer work with the next update. This is for the hardcore gamers that want to test the game, post bugs and suggestions and generally be a part of the creation process of this mod. Its also a good chance to see what has been done so far in the few months the mods been in production, theirs only been around 4 month or less of solid work done on this mod so far. You should also probably take note that everyone working on the mod does so in their spare time, which for me is very little at the moment.

What you can of course post here is bugs, suggestions and feedback on balance and the current features. You can also interact with the polls that will be getting posted and other discussions relating to ASOIAF and the modification.

All features currently include,
All of Brytenwalda features, some slightly tweaked (like the stamina)Extensive dialogue changes and bug fixes to the stuff currently in the base module of Brytenwalda.
One of them features include killable lords! I hope some of you will have fun with this :).
Lots of special NPC's. Some roaming that can even be recruited depending on your pursuasion or relations.
A renown system that unlocks new dialogues and quests as you become more famous.
Plus lots lots more that would take way too long to post here!

All of these will require feedback and whilst i will listen to what people want in the mod, and if it fits and i have the time i will make it so. But do remember whatever the AWOIAF Def team decide on is final.

Another reason to release an Alpha is in the hope we can encourage some activity from texturers, modellers and sceners. These are in short supply and something we could definitely do with! This will enable us to add all the scenes and armours/weapons we want. Which in turn will add to the immersion to the wolrd of A Song of Ice and Fire. It also enables the community to do partial research for us, you can tell us if we have something wrong. This enables us more time for actually making the mod and less time researching.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the mod.
A World of Ice and Fire Dev Team.

Ravenloft - - 40 comments

on the forums at download link not working for me

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produno Author
produno - - 1,636 comments

The download link on the forums will bring you back here. The current download is waiting for authorization.

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Ravenloft - - 40 comments

Thanks i downloaded it.For which version of MB Warband is this please?

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produno Author
produno - - 1,636 comments

V1.158. Though it may be cross compatible with some earlier versions.

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Guest - - 699,562 comments

Awesome, thanks for making this mod.

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inkdotdev - - 1 comments

Hi, I'm having problems with running the mod. I installed the latest version and patched it to 5.4. After character creation, it crashes just after i hit the continue button when i'm about to start with the first encounter. It says runtime error. Please help as I really wanna try this mod out

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