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A hint at what I've been doing recently, mostly explain how development is going on right now.

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Hello everyone!

I know a lot of you've been expecting this mod for longer than it should have been, like many mods that "die" here I refuse to let it die, simply because this mod has been my dream ever since I started modding, about almost 14 years ago.
I still consider myself to be quite inexperienced regarding modelling and animating.

Good news: I've picked up the project again and am still working on it after doing absolutely nothing for years. Changes I've made, reduce the number of characters.
Why did I change this? Simply because having 20+ characters meant A LOT of work, balancing, damaging, animating, modeling for a single person, I was naïve and to be fair quite ambicious when it came to my Ideal Mortal Kombat Mod, can't blame me as a kid. So I reduced them to about 7, to focus on finishing characters and having a release as soon as possible.

The planned characters will be

  1. Sonya
  2. Kano
  3. Cage
  4. Liu Kang
  5. Raiden
  6. Scorpion
  7. Sub-Zero

Yeah the first 7 introduced in Mortal Kombat back in '92. Now I can focus on something more meaningful, like actually doing stuff, and if it works out well, I can always expand to add more characters into the mix.

The combat system:
Right now all characters have 1 mobility skill (scorpion's teleport, Liu's Kick, Sonya's kartwheel) and 1 projectile (Scorpion's spear, sub-zero freeze, cage force ball),much like MK1 had. Characters can perform blocks, and can perform fatalities.

The input system for fatalities is wonky at best, utter trash at worst. I still need to revamp this, and yeah, it is clunky but it does what it's supposed to do. Currently my top priority for this system is for it to give feedback to the player once they press a button, so they know if and what they are pressing. (blocking also works, crouching also works as an input) Half Life's VGUI is very handy to be frank.

The shader system and the high quality textures are working as intended, so I don't need to keep working on them any longer.

That's pretty much what I've wanted to inform about this project. I'll be continuing on this project solo and using pretty much default HL models or some place holders as I've been using.

Before any release I'd like to have the 7 characters looking and working fine. Probably without fatalities for most characters but a working game.

See you later, and hope for more news! I'll be delivering soon enough. Thanks a lot for waiting on this project and hope you are as excited as I am for this.


Woot excited to see some screenshots when ready of course.

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Nice to see your still making this

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