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Hey everyone, It's time to look back into our beta release and reveal some information that we might have said in frictional forums accidently, info that our story will involve. We also would love to look back into our small community that we have gained. Finally, we want to thank a few people that have taken their time to actually give a second or two to help us out with anything.

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Let's start from the most important: custom story related things. If you haven't noticed yet, we have released patch 1.31! Well, we released 1.3 first, but because of a major bug we skipped it and went straight to 1.31. You can see the patch list in the download and we mostly fixed loads of texture problems and some scripting bugs. We also made some things more understandable and we added some errors when you combine items in the wrong way (to alert player that they are doing it wrong and what might be wrong). If you missed it, you can download it from here!

Now, we would like to make a few announcements about our story that we have decided. First of all, we are going to remove all the voice acting from our beta and replace them with as correct grammar as possible. If any of you are perfectly good in English (as we are Estonians and obviously we make mistakes), please contact us at! If you want to help us, you will get your shiny name into our credits, but keep in mind that we will have a lot of text! There is also a huge possibility that we might change voice actors, it depends from community feedback and resources (voices) that we have.

The next thing is related to the story. Our story will have many decision points that might change the ending totally from one thing to another or maybe make your path harder or easier. That said, there will be many endings depending on how you act in the story. Since an ending depends on the WHOLE STORY, then it will be impossible to reload just the final part and choose something different. That means you need to play again!

And final thing, there won't be any new beta patch and any OPEN beta 2 or OPEN demo. Next thing is the real thing - final version. Obviously we will select a few people who will get the game early so they can check the game to point out bugs that we might have missed, but next is the final version and that will be released if not around Christmas then next year! We will take things slowly. So if you can't wait, there is always beta waiting for you! But we will accept all comments and recommendations you have for us!

Time to move onto our community! We are very happy for the positive feedback and even more critical feedback, because it has helped us grow a little bit better and stronger. Remember that without you guys, there wouldn't be that story or us. That said, we would love to have your support while we make this to keep us excited as well and push us to move forward. After all, without motivation, any project can fail! (As long we don't get paid)

But our SPECIAL thanks goes to Tenno, kman, HumiliatioN (For first beta testing as well!), skypeskype, Ghostflame, Your Computer, MegaScience, fuytko, A Luna, SoothsayerNight, GoDl1Kelol (very critical, but thanks anyway!), waqas12346, Zeravia, Acies, Dark Knight, plutomaniac, TheKataKombs, badfollower, XxRoCkBaNdMaNxX, Fetishman! And of course our Moddb inspirators simblarosh, Officer_D, Angelist466, ForsakenGamer and UACmarine208!

That was a lot of names. These are the people who gave us their voices. Some of them praised us, some of them gave tips, some of them showed us some bugs and some of them just made me look back into our thread.

Of course, that is not all. There is something awesome: our beta was also seen on YouTube by some of the people. A first thanks goes to waqas12346 (Ivan), who just finished Let's Play Ray of Hope Beta! So all those who don't have any ways to play our demo, you can check out how he does that!

There were a few more but sadly their Let's Plays just disappeared. But there is still one dude called lolmonkey130 who did start his play through even though he has only one episode out, I'll look forward to the next one!

I still want to thank iFuriix as he encouraged me with his PM and started playing Let's Play for a moment and helped me find one bug that I didn't notice at all!

Okay, that's all for now folks! We hope to give you some more community feedback. If you have any questions regarding whatever, please post comments and we will try to answer ALL OF THEM as best we can!

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