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Lots to explain, short amount of time, Bert to kill.

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Hey there!

We (well, I) have been very active here recently, this is because I finally got my work done AND from now on I probably have 3 and a half hours every Friday at college to work on the game as it falls as work under the module. Great!

Next, someone pointed out in the commenty bit that some of the screenshots were very dark, to me they aren't but I find that laptops make things brighter, so I'd like to ask you to take a look at the last 3 and post on here if they are very dark or not. Please include if you're using a PC or a laptop too please, just so I can work out if its a minority problem or major, etc. Thank you!

So, I don't really want to say this - because it could become untrue in the future - but we have most of the mechanics of the game complete, we simply need the models to be put in place and a ***k load of tweaking to be done and we should have an Alpha, however the problem there is getting all those models is taking a while because we only have one person working on them. Remember test cubes? We aren't having any of that now. Please remember this could change at any point, so don't take this as a "there will be a release soon" as I refuse to do release dates, this stops disappointment when it comes to delays etc. Nothing personal! :)

Also, I've mentioned this slightly before, but sooner or later we will have and Android app out for the site, this lets you do some cool stuff and get updates on the game easy :) Don't expect this very soon, I have no idea how to do Android apps, so this will be my first try ... :P

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