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First of all, version 1.9.3 may take longer to release as I thought.

At the moment I am working really hard to finish the new AI for GDI, Nod, Cabal, The Forgotten and at the same time balancing all techlevels from scratch.

Believe me, it will be worth the waiting! I have already finished T1 & T2. They work without any crashes and offer fun gameplay with an new AI! Now the AI also doesn't cheat with unit building. For example in older versions and original Tiberian Sun it could build any unit without the necessary buildings. With 1.9.3 it does need those buildings!

Now back to techlevels. It's a lot easier to start balancing with T1, then T2 and up to T10. You will notice that some units got removed completly. For example the Firefly replace the Raven now. Some units got new weapons, abilities changed etc. Our lovely Mutant Warlord kicks now asses with his two double barreled shotguns!

Version 1.9.3 does also add and change some effects. Some unit graphics have been changed too. You can expect a much more stable & balanced game with this update!

At first I thought of releasing the update in small parts. Each part would update 2 techlevels, but I changed my mind and want to release T1-T10 at the same time, so that's the reason why it is going to take longer. There won't be also a detailed changelog, because the list would be insane long and yeah...everybody likes surprises ;)

For people that want it short:

-Complete new AI for GDI, Nod, Cabal and The Forgotten
-All techlevels balanced and perfectly playable with new AI
-Removed, changed, replaced, added units
-Some new unit graphics
-A few new sounds
-Some new effects
-Insane list of balance changes
-Fixed all crashes

I may upload some new screens the next days.


thank you astor u are donating your everything for us ,retro lovers :D

can you show us a database sheet for units? thanks again ,will be waiting for your return:)

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Astor Author

I will try if I can make some database soon, but first I need to make some final balance to the finished techlevels.

ATM I have done T1,T2,T3 and T4.

I want to thank you for your support. It keeps me motivated to see people that like my work :)

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what about spamming multiple units from 2,3 unit building buildings and money hax for AI?

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Astor Author

The cloning bug doesn't occour anymore, because I have removed the Mechfactory completly from GDI & Nod. Actually the money hax is just additional starting money for the AI. I can disable it too, but it's better to give the AI a little bonus. Otherwhise they would run too fast out of money.

Just played a MP match with 2 players and 6 AI. Match was over after 2 hours, without any crashes (New AI is just fantastic stable).

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