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A summary for users who haven't heard of infinitus.

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Well, a few months into the making of Infinitus the Game, we finally end up here on
I'll be honest, I never saw infinitus going outside my front door, but now that it's here, I can see it truly has potential.
Okay, so a rough summary of Infinitus The Game.
Infinitus The Game is a game based around a rough medieval time (but not actually based upon our world, just of course, shockingly similar), with gigantic maps, some of rolling plains, others of jagged mountains and huge lakes etc etc, all ripe for the taking! starting with a few basic tools, it's upto you to make your mark in the game and be remembered in the history of the Infinite Lands.

In infinitus, there isn't a single quest in site. no simple set skills system where you can only choose 2 or 3 skills. In infinitus you can choose any skills you want(yes, we intend to have quite a lot of them), you can build a small little hermit haven out in the middle of nowhere and be totally self-sufficient, or band up with others and make a city that is bustling with trade and players.

In terms of NPCs, they will still very much exist, even with the zero-questing policy. I have intentions to do things such as add bartenders, player-controlled merchants, Player-controlled Traders(traders buy and sell, merchants just sell), and possibly one or two others to help with things like cities looking busy.

I think it's safe to say that one day Infinitus will be Pay to Play, but that's years away from now, for now I can sit back and safely say future betas will be free.

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