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A series of what-ifs scenarios and other miscellaneous campaigns designed for a fresh experience in the Galaxy Far, Far Away

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    1. Infinities: Conquest of the Confederacy
      1. In this alternate history campaign, and in the closing months of the Clone Wars, Count Dooku enacts a plot to overthrow his master, Darth Sidious, and publically ousts him and his involvement of orchestrating the Clone Wars. In response, the Senate begrudgingly enacts Order 65, detaining and executing Palpatine, causing great political turmoil in the Republic, giving the Separatists, who in the original timeline were on their last leg, an opportunity to strike. Dooku reforms the Confederacy into his own personal empire, declaring himself an Emperor, and nearly brings the Republic to ruin, until a peace treaty is signed between him and now Chancellor Bail Organa. A Cold War commences. Lines are redrawn, and the Galaxy will soon enter a Second Clone War

  1. Infinities: The Reign of Skywalker
    1. Luke Skywalker has realized his destiny, and joins his father, Darth Vader, on Bespin. Vader, now dead set on his goal of overthrowing the sinister Emperor Palpatine, trains the young Skywalker far from the prying eyes of his master. Without the help of the Jedi, the Rebel Alliance is struck a critical blow, but perhaps there is another who will rise to the role of a Jedi Skywalker, perhaps one who is already among the ranks of the Rebellion? Vader and Luke are poised to dethrone Palpatine on Coruscant, yet one must wonder if death will stop the most powerful Sith lord in galactic history? After all, the Deep Core holds many secrets

  2. Infinities: Pax Imperium
    1. Luke Skywalker has accepted his destiny and followed in his father's footsteps and has joined the sinister forces of The Emperor, killing his father aboard the second Death Star. The newly named Darth Licht will now wipe out all remaining resistance on the forest moon, as well as throughout the Galaxy. The true Dark Times are have just begun. But there are those who would still challenge the Empire's now clear dominion over the stars. A massive fleet from outside the known Galaxy is fast approaching in the years following the end of the short lived Galactic Civil War. Will Palpatine's now: Dark Empire be able to defend their holdings? Or will this new foe succeed where the Rebellion did not?
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