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Infinite Finality is a Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod that attempts to faithfully adapt the storyline of Marc Laidlaw's Epistle 3.

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Is this thing on? Retroshaffer is typing this since the team is hard at work on new stuff. Anyways, Welcome to the third progress update of our mod, Infinite Finality! But before we get into the content of this article, we would like to give a special thanks to Mitch “Robo” Wensveen of LambdaGeneration and to PC Gamer for promoting our mod!

LambdaGeneration video:

PC Gamer article: Here's the latest fan attempt to create Half-Life 2: Episode 3 | PC Gamer

===================NEW TEAM MEMBERS====================

After we posted our “We Are Looking For…” article, we got a lot of messages! Now, we have a programmer and even proper voice actors for most of the characters. Currently, we are looking for a voice actress to play the role of Alyx. If you can do a good Alyx impression, feel free to reach out to wolfy411 and/or env_wind, on Discord.


One of our new team members, Tubby Hill, has completely enhanced our Snowcrab model with much more fur:

image 4 1

And here is this WIP Combine metal crate model:

wip 1

Here's a teaser for our weapon_proto1 model. Weapon_proto1 is an Episode Three weapon created by Valve, in 2006. It shoots lasers, is able to target and hit enemies through thin walls, and consumes props for ammo. In our mod, it was made by Aperture Science.

wip 2


The third map is almost done! Everything you've been seeing is the third map, so get ready for more!

image 3

image 4

image 5

This is all for now! Thank you so much for your support and stay tuned for more!

wmf776759 - - 478 comments

So fast. And I LOVE IT.

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Guest - - 699,078 comments

snow headcrab

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GetYourFreeTVs - - 85 comments

ok the headcrab model goes hard now

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