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This is the article about new forces of my universe. I updated my world and still continuing the plot. This is the list for now.

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You know that my world in this 2017 year had some updates.

Earlier, war was only with Yotun forces. Yotuns were main enemies of the all life. But now... Now enemies much stronger came to my universe. And they all don`t like not only Light forces, but each other too. New evil power coming to "Infinitas". And new Good power too.
Salah`Zarr Potestas came to my universe in this summer (2017)
Zorans Necroempire came to my universe in this autumn (2017)

Next forces will also appear in my universe. Its will be..... More powerful sides.
In 2018 year you will see new evil powers in my world. More cruel then Yotuns and Potestas.

1. Ultralych Empire.

2. Utgartr Empire.

3. Independent League.

4. Restored Order.

Soon.... You will know more about this factions and powers. Just wait a bit...
and Happy New Year! I hope, its will be year of progress!

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