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Infestus beta 3 has finally arrived, let's take a look at everything that has happened since August last year.

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Return to the World of Infestus!

A lot has happened since August last year, there has been 7 patches so far and counting. The game is being polished more and more, bugs are being squeezed out, new features thrown in!

I intended to release the dungeon patch before 2018, unfortunately I didn't manage to pull that off, but fear not, the dungeon patch will come! When the dungeon patch releases you will be able to take four buddies with you and face countless enemies, a few bosses and what not. New items will be added, some quests and lore+more!

Now, what's new since beta 1?

  • Player Interaction

    Infestus Player Interaction Panel

  • Level Up Panel
    You can change your build at any time, however if you remove points you'll have to pay a small sum per point removed.

    Infestus Level Up Panel

  • Quick Item Selection
    Allows the player to use a potion, eat food, etc...

    Infestus Quick Item Selection Mechanics

  • Trading
    You can trade maximum 4 items at a time, pluss max 10000 coins.

    Infestus Trading Mechanics

    Infestus Trading Mechanics

  • Linux & OSX support has been added!
    Linux server support is also in the works. Also, the modDB version only includes the Windows binaries, if you are interested in testing out the Linux or OSX version, send me a pm!Infestus now on OSX and Linux!


Have you ever wanted to make an mmorpg game? Do you like working with the source engine? Feel like challenging yourself?

Currently I'm in dire need of people who can do:

  • 3D Modelling
  • Animating
  • Rigging
  • Sound Design
  • Texturing, baking, UV'ing

If you're up for the challenge, feel free to send me a pm on modDB or on discord!

Recruiting more devs!


Seems like some pretty nice additions.

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Pretador Author

Thanks mate, even more stuff is coming soon!

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