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Infection Rate is 3rd person Co-op Zombie Survival with multiplayer.

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Infection Rate New Release - Version 1.0.3

- Better showing of the weapons in Aim mode.
- Attack animation of the enemies is synchronized to take the Life of the player, only if this really happens.
- Better and easy melee battle from short distance.
- Handgun reloading faster to maximum capacity.
- All weapons have 95% Hit Rate.
- Characters can run longer, 10 stamina bars are removed for 6 sec. instead of 4 sec.
- Loading percentages reaching 100% instead of 90%.
- Correct character animation in some unexpected situations.
- Minor bug fixes

Infection Rate New Release - Version 1.0.2

- Help and About are made in menu
- Before every level start have loading screen with percentages
- Minor bug fixes

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