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Creating InfantryWars Mod is in progress, running into a bit a few problems but figuring them out step by step :D Of course curtain issues are still unknown but major ones have been figured out.

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Yes I'm working on the Mod for Infantry.
So far it's only for scrin, but I'll release the Demo with all sides available. :D

Of course one of the changes so far is that the units are faster, but then I am trying where I can more units, so instead of having 3 Shcoktroopers you'll have 10. Even though it will give me more work but what kind of mod would it be if there was no work? hehe

I am though also playing another game while modifying the code :p It's called Café World. It's on facebook and I guess I'm kind of a bit addicted to it. My mom's friend got me into it lol and apparently her husband plays it too and her kids which are like 7 and 2 sort of playing it too, well on daddy's cafe :p

I'm cooking burgers since they are cheap and fast hehe.

So about the mod, expect it to be released very soon possibly today or tomorrow, but I'll try to include as many modifications as possible to multiple units and multiple sides.

So when you will be testing the mod, would you please tell me what you like about it and what you don't, so I can improve it.
Thank you all for reading. Have a good day. :D

The_Eliminator a.k.a. Kivi

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