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VRTraq is a custom, wireless room tracking technology to enable movement tracking on headsets which don't natively support it.

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Dallas, Texas-based company IndoTraq has revealed its custom, wireless, room-scale tracking technology. Shown at CES 2016 and demonstrated to VRFocus, IndoTraq's custom tech, tentatively called VRTraq, consists of four sensors: one mounted on the user's VR headset, and three positioned around the user at the edges of the room. VRTraq can reportedly track users indoors up to 100 metres, also through walls.

This allows VR headsets which don't support room tracking, such as the GearVR, Google Cardboard, to track the wearer's physical movement about the space, in addition to the headsets' native head tracking support. Should the tech work as purported, it would bring these cheaper headset alternatives closer to functional parity with the HTC Vive or PlayStation VR, both of which support room tracking out of the box.

IndoTraq claims the solution runs a refresh rate of 200Hz, with a minimum latency of 5 milliseconds and accurate positional tracking under 5 millimeters. The most significant feature, however, is that VRTraq is wireless, allowing for complete freedom of movement when used in conjunction with already-wireless headsets.

IndoTraq says that developer kits will be shipping in March this year, though no price for VRTraq has been announced.

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