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VICTIMS hit Indiegogo. Check out the campaign, share and support us!

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Hey guys!

Last time we released ALPHA 0.0.2, but now we tried to set the limit higher, so we glad to announce that the VICTIMS Indiegogo campaign started and for this event we released a new demo so you can try it out, and if you see the potentional in the game then please support us to achieve our goals. But let's talk about what the demo contains:

VICTIMS Alpha 0.0.27

Firstly we made a new trailer for VICTIMS because a few things changed since the last ALPHA trailer.
The environment changed the most, we made prettier textures, and smoother models.

We upgraded the menu with some GIFs, a VICTIMS logo and an indicator which shows how far is VICTIMS from the final version. There is also a button which takes you right to our Indiegogo page.

In the new version we improved the performance by lowering resolution of some textures, and made models lower poly. The AI had some strange bugs where it ignored the player this also got fixed. In this version we didn't implemented new features, but fixed the current ones to make it more playable.

Now it's possible to make gifs work in ping-pong mode, so we can have more custom setups, and most likely we'll change most of the HUD to GIFs because they would feel more interactive and less static.

This new version is the v0.0.27, there will be another small update like this before v0.0.30, where we'll implement some really cool features.

Thanks for reading!

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