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Just a friendly News Post for introducing the group and the Project.

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In the search to begin a game development team, the search has led us to IndieDB website. But what to do with such an expansive site of fellow game design enthusiasts? Make a Company Group of course.

Now then, for the Project the team is looking to make real.

Project Maelin (Working Title)

Project Description:
Project Maelin is intended to be a retro influenced platformer along with unique gameplay additions. Following the adventures of Maelin as she fights against the forces of evil that would burn the world.

Project Keynotes:
-Momentum Based Platformer
-Minimalist Controls
-"Zone" level structure
-End Stage Bosses
-Fun, easy to learn, and interesting characters

What we're looking for:

At the moment we are looking for two people to fill two positions.

Engine/Lead Programmer
This person would help us build the demo engine for the game. This involves informing the rest of the team of needs and limitations as the programmer requires. This is top priority, as without the base game there is a little we can do in moving forward.

Sprite Artist
This person would take concept art and forge the basic animations for the Main character of the demo build. Mainly four main aniamtions cycles. Standing, Walking, Running, and Jumping.


If you're interested in either Position please contact me at:

Thank you for taking your time to read this news post.

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