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Checked this group for compliance with the publishing rules on IndieDB and Desura.

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A rather short one but something I'd like watchers and members of this group to know. Since INtense! is a bit occupied right now I did a quick check if this group fulfills the requirements to be legally shown on IndieDB and Desura on my own. Back then when the group has been created these requirements had not been fulfilled. Now I checked again.

Various news posts are connected with Indie games what allows the group now to be legally shown on IndieDB. I placed the appropriate request so the group should be visible in max 2 days if all goes well.

The same holds true for Desura. The rule is (as clearly marked in the form you need to check to display groups) that only groups connected to games released on Desura are allowed to be displayed there. The group contains news posts about games which are released on Desura so the requirements are fulfilled and it is now legit for this group to be displayed there. Here too I placed the appropriate request and it should also be visible there in max 2 days if all goes well.

This should give now all projects posting through this group more coverage. Happy Un*xing!

=== EDIT ===
Got word now from INtense! . As I suspected he's currently fully absorbed with GDC matters which is good that way. The group visibility will be changed in roughly a week from now when he's back from GDC.

Until then if you have some ideas on what the group is missing except the already existing news posts and downloads you can post the ideas here. This group is after all a community group so the community can decide what happens around here :D

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