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After the release of our new trailer, we got many requests about the music. This article contains our idea about a cross marketing strategy and why indie game developer should cooperate with indie bands to get cool music stuff.

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After the release of our new trailer, we got many requests about the music. People wanted to know if the music will also be part of the game and if the songs can be downloaded somewhere. The first answer is YES, the music will be part of the game! But answering the request for downloadable music content requires a little more explanation.

We are cooperating with a handful of independent bands, who provide us with excellent music material. In „Tiny and Big“, it is part of the gameplay to discover these songs and information about the bands. Tiny is a music enthusiast and collector of insane things. So, if you’ve solved a puzzle, the reward can be some music stuff or other crazy items. This means, when you play „Tiny and Big“, media achievements like music will actually be physical, so you can put all unlocked songs on your mp3 player!

For those of you who cannot await our release, have a look at the download section, you will find Zippy Zither’s masterpiece Cold Reader. They also have a website (<), where they publish their music.

During development of „Tiny and Big“, we’ve realized that we didn’t have the manpower to make good music or sound effects ourselves. After some time of brain exhausting discussions, we noticed that there are a lot of cool and awesome independent bandsmen around the world. And most of them share the same goal with us, or you, or any other indie game developer. They wanna reach as many people as they can to gain more fans, who like their music. This was the hour of birth of our cross media marketing strategy. So we (thanks, Vincent) contacted some bands, who make music which suits our taste, and asked them if they’d be up for placing some music in „Tiny and Big“. We are not paying money for the music. Instead, the offer we made was building up both communities by advertising each other, so „I scratch your back, and you scratch mine“.

We think the strongest points for doing this are that both sides are getting an advertising multiplier and are able to stay within the indie community. So if you need music for your own game, take a look around in your local scene. I’m sure you can find some excellent musicians, who are masters at harmonica, e-triangle or stylophone!


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