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Mod Overview for the four submods, 326BC, 1500AD, 1519AD, 1723AD.

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The main mod for this project is set in 1519, when the Mughal Empire, ruled by Babur, descended from Timur, invaded India with his Afghan army, their steppe influenced cavalry, along with musketmen and light artillery, dominated India for the next two hundred years.

The Mughals were replaced by the Maratha, players Empire Total War with feel more familiar with the next submod, set in 1723, with the rise of the British Trading Company and the Maratha Empire, this mod will focus more heavily on gunpowder warfare. (The map will not be released for a while but a custom battle demo will be released soon)

A Smaller submod set in 1500 is planned, featuring the east African coast and simulating the Portuguse India Armadas and their actions in Kerela and other coastlines of the Indian Ocean. (Map in Early Development)

Long before this, in the year 326 BC, Alexander the Great, After having marched his army all the way from Macedonia, invades the Indian subcontinent. The rise of the Maurya Empire will be the primary focus of this mod. (Map in Early Development)



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