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Deliverance 2600 is getting put on hold indefinitely.

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It is with regret that I have to inform that Deliverance 2600 will be on hold indefinitely.

The reason for this decision is - in a nutshell - RPG Maker VX Ace. I purchased it in a BundleStars sale a few days ago and started making a game with it. Since that game is the first game that I've ever actually gotten past a mere idea, it has become my new addiction pretty quickly.

Unfortunately that's not the only reason either. In general, my inspiration for Deliverance 2600 has seen a steady decline. But I hope that once my RPG Maker addiction sees a decline (which is not very likely at this point yet), I'll regain some inspiration to work on Deliverance 2600.

I hope to see you soon enough.

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