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We at Cube Noir are devoting a huge amount of the development of INCURSION to making it as good as it can be on all the platforms we can possibly release it on. At the minute we are planning a release for Windows, Mac (all processors supported) and Linux (all distro' ancestries), and we will be exploring the possibility of Android support once development of INCURSION has reached beta status.


Undoubtedly, one of the most important things for a game that will be released on a number of systems is optimization. By opening it up to almost all users, we are also opening it up to all kinds of hardware, and for that reason, assets and code are being optimized as much as possible within the engine. The game will be tested at every release on everything from top of the range gaming PCs to Linux netbooks, so don't worry about the game running on your hardware.


Because the Ren'Py engine is built upon Python, the game is quick and easy for us to compile for most major operating systems. Not only that, but because a large part of game is created entirely in script form, animations and dialog run smoothly regardless of hardware. I can guarantee pleasing performance on your hardware, I am working exclusively on a low-spec Linux netbook. All releases are made to run smoothly on hardware as basic as mine.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to grab the latest public release from the downloads section.

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