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The final licks of paint have been put on the UI, pre-caching, dialog, and animation functions.

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Alpha 0.3 Is Ready!

After I (currently the projects only full-time coder) working furiously for the last 48 hours to incorporate feedback and bug fixes into the game, a bunch of the features requested have been fully implemented, and all those that are fully stable have been put into public Alpha 0.3, which you can now grab from the downloads section.

Specific Changes Include;

  • final UI design
  • finalized animation class layers
  • clearer help and tips
  • a Slew of bugfixes and performance improvements

Several more features, both community requested and of our creation are undergoing testing internally and a number of functions that, while incorporated in Alpha 0.3, aren't viewable in the build since (at least to the naked eye) they don't do anything yet, and only exist at the code layer.

To-Do List

We are also starting public "to-do lists", so you guys know what we're up to behind the scenes, and can see if features you suggested are being taken care of.

This is the current list;

  • implement event-trees
  • even-tree controls design
  • add a short tutorial
  • add non-narrator character speech labels

I'd also like to give a warm welcome to CNGMATT and T360RAliBean, two other members of Cube Noir who have added themselves to IndieDB to help with the community management and news.

Intro Sequence Narrator 02

Finally, to everyone who has submitted ideas to our competition ALREADY, we love them, fantastic work. Don't forget you can submit as many as you want, but only one entry per person can be featured in the game.

Until next time.

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