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Incognito Episode 2 is completed! We want to work out any bugs by running a good ol' fashioned beta test. We will be accepting emails from anyone up until May 10th 2010. NA Version: 0.852 Incognito Version: 1.99 Episode Version: 2.0

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Developer Note:

Why hello there Internet, we have come so very far in these past few months! The NeoAxis Engine that powers our game has been updated heavily and is now much, much faster and we guarantee that you will feel the performance benefits!

Incognito Episode 2 is now completed! You can download the demo from our website, it will soon be available for purchase but first we need to check for bugs in a nice beta test! Remember that the demo is also the FULL VERSION of the game so when you purchase your serial number and enter it into the game Configuration utility you will unlock what you have already downloaded to the FULL VERSION without having to download any additional content.

You might also be wondering, how does Episode 2 work? We built it like a modification or total conversion if you will for Episode 1. This is not your grandmothers mod though, we modified the core FileSystem in the NeoAxis Engine to make this work the way we wanted.

Technical babble aside...Incognito Episode 1 IS REQUIRED to play Episode 2. The entire game will assist you from launchers and in-game dialogs to let you configure, start, and activate episodes as we begin releasing them in sequence.

This DOES NOT mean you have to purchase Episode 1 just merely have it installed since it has all the base files that Episode 2 needs to run.

Currently we are running a beta program for Episode 2 and if you want to try and hunt for bugs then send us off an email with your name and we will give you a serial number that you can use to activate Episode 2 and only Episode 2 and give it a run!

Take care and talk to you soon Internet,


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