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Incognito Episodes 1.99 Changelog : March - May 2010 THE CLONE WARS

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Incognito Episodes 1.99 Changelog---------------------------------March - May 2010 THE CLONE WARS
- 3/23/2010

  • Refactored Technology class(s) from GameEntities and Game into new library Technetronic.dll.
  • Refactored FPS,TPS,RTS,PlanetView element display systems into Quests.dll.
  • Added all game music directory calls to Episode Codex.
  • Removed 'real' path references from all code @"Data\Blah" now "Data\\Blah".
  • Refactored all custom/repeated sounds to GeneralSoundConstants.cs.
  • Refactored FPS,TPS,RTS game tutorial screens to use GameTutorialScreen class, removes redundant code.
  • Refactored WorldLoadSaveWindow as base class for WorldSaveWindow, WorldLoadOnDeath, DesktopWorldLoadWindow.

- 3/24/2010

  • Refactored MultipleChoiceConversationWindow, ConversationWindow common functions into GameInterfaceWindow.
  • Refactored VideoLogItem, AudioLogItem, TextLogItem into LogItem with enum for what type.
  • Refactored VideoLogWindow, AudioLogWindow, TextLogWindow into ItemLogWindow.
  • Refactored FPSGameWindow to check only for LogItem instead of 3 different types, removes redundant code.
  • Renamed all log related GUI files to use common naming scheme 'frmAudio', 'videoBox' for example become 'frmLog', 'mediaControl'.
  • Fixed all log related MAP and TYPE references to VideoLogItem, AudioLogItem, TextLogItem to refactored LogItem.

- 3/27/2010

  • Included updated WaterPlane class and HLSL shader that supports updating reflections on timer rather than every tick, massive FPS improvements here.
  • Refactored all custom map logic for FPS,TPS,RTS,PlanetView into seperate interface IGlobalMapLogic and GlobalMapLogicManager.
  • All code for Episode 1 and 2 and all future episodes are named specifically as: GlobalMapLogic_EPx.dll

- 4/3/2010

  • Switched default sound engine to OpenAL from DirectSound to prevent "stuttering" bug when moving between maps or skipping cutscenes.

- 4/4/2010

  • Fixed a bug that could happen with main menu on game start if desktop clock tried to update after control detach.
  • Updated episode guide to show all planned 5 episodes and respective icons.

- 4/5/2010

  • Removed some galaxies that are not used in Sector42, variants of already named galaxies (ex. Poveja A-B-C Star).
  • Removed GameMusicManager from Galaxy maps and made music in each galaxy random each time this gametype is loaded.
  • Added try{}catch{} to Technetronic SQLite calls for Element information, this is useful if Technology upgrade only requires 1 element and not all 5.
  • Refactored RTSUnit and RTSBuilding GetControlPanelTasks() to GlobalMapLogic for customization.
  • Added StartingGalaxy to Episode Codex.

- 4/10/2010

  • Corrected some namespace errors in GameCommon classes like GameMusic, GameControlsManager to actually use that namespace instead of GameEntities.
  • Combined both GameMusic and GameMusicManager classes into single class.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent proper music tracks from playing in TPS mode.
  • Updated Sector42 Hyperspace to have for ambient stars in-between each galaxy for nice sense of covering alot of ground as stars fly by the player.
  • Removed WayPointSystem.dll and refactored all code for this system into GameCommon for better performance rather than loading assembely at runtime via code.
  • TPS Planet Find Buddy now lists galaxies/planetoids you search for alphabetically, in ascending order (A - Z).

- 4/11/2010

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in Hyperspace Planet Finder Buddy never working, now you can search for planetoids from hyperspace.

- 4/14/2010

  • Fixed a bug with multiple choice conversaion system, it was mis-detecting the end of video files played for people you spoke with while in-game.

- 4/15/2010

  • Updated multiple choice conversaion system, it now pauses music, staticsounds, and detaches current weapon because you cannot talk to people with gun in their face!

- 4/25/2010

  • Added confirmation dialog box when exiting to main menu or desktop to prevent accidental clicks.


  • When in demo fullscreen the nagger activation check did not pop-up above game window.
  • Updated base NeoAxis Engine to 0.851


  • Updated Internet checking to be more effective at detecting when there is indeed, no Internet.
  • Changed Fingerprint Nagger checker to only check CPU, DISK and BIOS ID's. Checking MAC isn't good in newer operating systems like Win7 that switch to next MAC.
  • Changed update check at game start to only work if Internet is detected.


  • Updated Fingerprint Nagger to check for which Episode it has activated.
  • Updated web server to support purchase of multiple episodes.
  • Updated Configurator to ask which Episode to "configure" from a activation/saved game funtionality.
  • auth.dll is no longer stored in games root directory, now stored in each episode directory under Data directory.
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