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There WAS light... Bt time is running out and the days grow longer, colder...

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Theme: This mod will focus more on brutal, intricate combat. From more upgrades and units, to missions and battles. The normal Dawn of War 2 didn’t allow for too many units. The upside was tactics. I want to increase units and battlefield madness while keeping the tactical side. From urban infantry combat to open field mechanized combat, you will have it all!This mod is themed for Earth, but in an alternate reality, where things hat did exist are nil, and things are forever different. The storyline will reveal this to you.Timeline:2009-2011Location: Earth. From America, to Europe, Russia, Antarctica, and Asia.Storyline: The sun… it is running out of energy far faster then expected. The people of Terra grow cold. War is coming…In the year 1986, scientists discovered that the sun was dying. The Earth’s average temperature dropped by roughly 62 degrees by the year 2011. People were freezing in parts of the world. Oil was precious. Fuel was currency. Anything to keep people alive. Even if it meant war. Bt, unless we find an infinite source of power, or a new home, we will all surely lose…Factions: Liberty: Located on the North American continent, Liberty forces control the majority of the Western front. High power, and long range assaults will win victory for you.Infantry:Hand of Liberty: the basic infantry of Liberty. Upgrades:Reaper Squad: Anti-vehicle infantry capable of quickly killing armored vehicles and buildings.Upgrades:Recon Squad: Snipers which can kill most infantry quickly and spot for artillery.Upgrades:Grenadier Squad: A team of highly trained infantry for anti-infantry and light vehicles.Upgrades:Vehicles:Liberties Hammer: A heavy tank meant for battlefield supremacy.Upgrades:Cerberus Assault Suit: A mechanized heavy infantry battle suit capable of laying down heavy fields of fire.Upgrades:V-22 Transport: Heavy armored infantry transport with a light machinegun.Upgrades:Colossus Artillery: Absolute devastation is a guarantee when you deploy this machine.Upgrades:Hero:General Fox: General fox excels at anti-infantry combat, and increasing morale.Upgrades:

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