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Some recent news about the project: new NPC model, Agroprom screenshots and more

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Hello, stalkers!

As usual, we've been quiet for a while, but now it's time to sum everything we've been doing recently.

New 3d Model

Hakim, who is our NPC modeller, has finished working on the 3d model of the guy named Lutyi (Fierce). This person is not a typical bandit leader, nor is he a typical gopnick. According to the plot concept, his character is a controversial one. He's following his own philosophy, his own justice. Being smart, direct and experienced, Lutiy has earned the respect not only of bandits, but of a number of stalkers either. All of these qualities have also created a great number of rivals for him, though.
Model screenshot

Agroprom and other maps

Another good news is that Vintorez96 has compiled the new Agroprom, so, eventually, I am now spawning all the things around in SDK. So here is some info about the recreated original map:

  • The location has grown in about 3 times.
  • The player will be given a chance to explore new territories, have some fun gathering artefacts and watching inggame scenes and cutscenes as Agroprom was designed not only for the main plot, but for the freeplay.
  • The map is full of human-built objects, which are also exciting to discover.
  • Two main blocks were taken form Stalker CS.

You can check Agroprom screenshots in our gallery.

The team's also started spawning things for the Wall and Canyon. Today our helper, Scat, began working on Agroprom Underground spawn.

At last, don't forget to check informative artworks we've recently added:
The Wall

That's all for today, thank You very much for You attention! Keep tracking the mod, as we're going to release a gameplay video in about a week ;)


Great news!
Nothing would be a better Christmas present than a translation for the already released chapters of ISOD ;)

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Keep up the good work!

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