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Because I totally suck hard at texturing. :shame:

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Hey folks.

I'm surprised how many people took notice of this mod just a day or two after I put it up. It definitely helps my motivation.

Anyway, as stated in the title, I need a texture artist to help me out with this mod. Every time I've taken a run at texturing, I've failed. Miserably. I can make beautiful looking planet maps, but for the life of me I can't make textures that go on the ships themselves. So, that's why I need some outside help.

Keep in mind, if I can't find a texture artist to help me, it's not going to mean that I'll stop production on the mod. It will just mean that all ships will remain untextured until the last minute when I throw on some terrible looking textures so I can say "Yay! I did it!" but, then all you people will be saying "No, you didn't," and then I'll cry myself to sleep every night trying to believe that I did a good job and that you all actually love me.

Personally, I like my nights to be tear-free. Please consider lending a hand: Texture Artist Job Ad

Thank you.

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