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In Lucy's Eyes is finally released! Wapez going over some basic info, copyrights and instructions on how to install it.

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Red Line Games - Update (2015-05-05)

Hello everyone! I hope you've been enjoying In Lucy's Eyes since it's release. We haven't been able to provide you with as much support as we want to, as our hands have been filled with school work and the production of our upcoming game (which walk hand in hand). We study game development at LBS Stockholm, and our current project is developing a 3D game in unreal. This game is for now called:

We want to invite all of you to follow our progress on this game, as we think that many of you would like it. It's obviously a complete new area within game development for us (from horror to humour, not something you see often) but we feel like we have what it takes. Developing this with constant support and help from our teachers and very good friends over at KJ Interactive, we are confident that it will turn out pretty cool.

Here's our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. If you want to follow our game, and potential future amnesia mods, check us out and follow or subscribe! Thank you.

Red Line Games - Facebook
Red Line Games - Twitter
Red Line Games - YouTube

Markiplier is playing In Lucy's Eyes!

Watch the video to see him step into the castle of Baleshire to find Anna and Lucy

In Lucy's Eyes - Full Version is released!

Finally! We've been waiting for this day for so long. This journey has brought us more than we ever could imagine, and we are very proud of what we achieved.

We do hope that you enjoy the mod, we put a great bit of effort into it. There's some stuff in there that has never been seen in any other mod before, and we are happy to introduce these things to amnesia. If there is anything you want to know, or if you have some feedback, just ask a question or leave a review!

Basement screenies Basement screenies
Screengasms! Screengasms!

Copyright and distribution:

In Lucy's Eyes contains a lot of custom content, made specifically for this mod, by us. If you want to use this content in your own mod, feel free to do so, given that you credit us for it. Usage of our custom content without crediting us will be reported, and the product in which the content is used will be removed from public download mirrors.

Please respect this as our work is a part of us now, being something we put our hearts into. I'm sure you understand.

In Lucy's Eyes
In Lucy's Eyes

How to install and play:

1. Download the mod from this mod page.
2. Extract it into the Amnesia root folder (most usually called "Amnesia: The Dark Descent"). Do NOT put it in the custom stories folder, and do NOT merge the files with the amnesia ones. Simply put the "InLucysEyes" folder inside the Amnesia root folder.
3. Open the "InLucysEyes" folder.
4. Run the "InLucysEyes.bat" file.
5. Follow the steps on the screen. Enjoy the mod!

Important note:
If you have flashlight files (replacing the lantern) in your Amnesia root folder, this may cause trouble with the matches we use in our mod. Please delete those files before playing this mod.

The video below explains how to install the mod perfectly.

Low framerates and settings optimization:

In Lucy's Eyes is a mod that takes the engine that amnesia is built in to the next level. Lights, particles, billboards and sounds are mixed together in massive environments, larger than those of the original game. The graphics is a keystone in this mod.

We pushed the limits of the HPL2 in all of our maps, and this requires a decent PC to run the mod smoothly at high settings. However, it doesn't mean that all of you with lower-end PC's can't run the game with the same (or at least close to the same) framerate.

It all comes down to optimizing your settings properly according to the power of your PC. You could start by turning off world reflections (which is basically the water reflections, the main factor that slows down the cellar and the sewer), parallax and lowering your SSAO samples.

The latest 1.3 amnesia patch also plays a factor in optimization as it tanked alot of fps in the exterior. We will release another patch very soon with the Mac and Linux version included, and will optimize the exterior even more. We might also consider making a lite version for the mod, reducing some particle- and light effects.

We know that not all of our maps are perfectly smooth, but it was necessary to achieve the visuals that we have, and blaming us for the lag when you don't know how to optimize the graphical settings within your PC limits is not fair. To those that don't know what the graphical settings of Amnesia mean, just hover your mouse over the options (In game, not launcher) and it will give you a simple description.

Doing some research on the those technical things wouldn't hurt either to be able to know exactly what things like AA, SSAO do. It's really easy to learn and I can assure it will come in handy with the future PC games that you will might want to optimize within your limits.

We hope you understand and that this can help you improve the experience of this mod.


v1.1 Patch Notes: (SPOILERS)


  • Dying to the monster in the cellar made you unable to continue playing the mod.
  • In the guest rooms there was an area you could enter which locked your camera to the roof.
  • In some maps there was a matchbox which reset your match amount.
  • Some maps automatically reset your match amount.
  • Leaving a level with a match in your hand could cause issues like the match lasting forever or the matchbox not working anymore.
  • Other mods with a map called "" could interfere with this mod, and cause the wrong map being loaded at the start.
  • First map caused a lot of lag due to a problem with the rain particles.
  • Missing book shelves in the guest rooms.
  • Typo in a note and a flashback.
Being investigated
  • The match appears as a lantern (some sort of conflict with other mods). If you are experiencing this problem, please report that to us via comments or PM, and let us know what other mods you have installed. Thanks!

We apologize for all the trouble this has caused and hope we get to see more playthroughs of our mod!


Sadly I can't play it right away, I don't have my Laptop until tomorrow.

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I'll need to set some free time aside for this. Can't wait to see what's been added since the test version was released.

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For those interested, the voice actors/actress:
AuroraGuiniverePrice -
BrianMansi -

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This is what I did under Linux...

sh ./

and this is what I got...

./ line 2: $'\r': command not found
./ line 4: $'\r': command not found
./ line 12: syntax error near unexpected token `fi'
./ line 12: `fi'

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