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We finally got in-game ships. Things are growing together to an actual game at another point.

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It's MetalZeroOne from dhkGames again with new screenshots from Leviathan Crossfire! Today I got two new in-game renders of our space ships for you:



What I personally like about these shots is that they are a perfect example of how our plans are growing - step by step - to an actual game. If you check our gallery, you will see we had the ship concept arts at first, quite in the beginning of our project. Then, some weeks ago, I was able to show you planet concept arts, and then the rendered ships. And these are the result of the previous steps.

I hope you can see we put high effort into telling a story by all the means to create a unique, exceptional game, pushing FPSC beyond the limits.

Leviathan Crossfire

The Revolution

Our goal is to create a game of high value. We wish to start a small revolution in story telling and action gameplay within the genre of the FPSC engine.

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