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Just how flexible is the In-Virtual Reality Crystal Rift Dungeon Editor?

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Q: Can I edit maps inside VR?

A: Absolutely, just look at where you want to place your building block and place it.

Q: Will you be using Steam Workshop?

A: It's our intention, we need to be on Stream first so please vote, we don't know the process yet, but we will do everything we can to enable this great function.

Q: Do I need to compile the Maps?

A: No, everything is real-time, just place the block and it works.

Q: Can I change the speed of the Fireballs, Minecarts, Rain and Spikes?

A: Yes, you have a 1 to 100% speed setting for all those things and many more blocks.

Q: Was the current demo made in the Editor?

A: Yes it was, it's a dream come true to edit maps in real time and just test things out.

Q: Can I lay my own minecart tracks?

A: Yes, you just need a start block and off you go, we lots of different track options including cross overs, and you can choose the speed of the Minecart.

Q: Can I make my own assets?

A: Not yet, but we are working very hard on making this possible.

Q: Can I do multiple things from 1 button/pressure plate?

A: Yes, you can trigger, door changes, fireballs, sounds, scares and many more all at once if you wish.

Q: Can I choose the torch/fireball colors?

A: Yes, quite a few blocks have color options you can change.

Q: Can I change the torch brightness?

A: Yes.

Q: How big can I make my levels?

A: Very, 50x50 is the default size and the minimum is 5x5 but the maximum is huge, you can also have unlimited size by stitching levels together with stairs or teleports.

Q: Can I share my levels/game?

A: Yes, anyone with the full version of the game will be able to play your levels or full dungeon.

Q: Can I name my Dungeon?

A: Yes, we will make it easy for people to play your dungeon.

Q: Can I set the re-spawn locations?

A: Yes, you could just have 1 re-spawn if you wish, or pace the came how you want to.

Q: Can I put my own text on signs?

A: Yes, any text you wish, make your own story.

Q: Am I limited to Dungeon Blocks?

A: We are busy creating multiple environments, watch this space.

Q: Can I use my own sounds?

A: Watch this space.

Q: I'm excited can I suggest a feature?

A: Please do!, comment on this thread we want this game to be your game.

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