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Preview of an in-game editor that well speed up the process of implementing character.

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I've been working on this editor that allows us to modify attack in-game. Before we've had to exit the game, modify the .ini files, recompile the game, test it, close the game, modify the .ini files again, etc, etc.... But with this, we can now edit all characters attack properties in-game and test them immediately! This should speed up our workflow significantly since adding attack behaviors is one of the most time consuming things in this project!

In addition to the in game attack editor we have added the first round of Charge attacks.

Merv stand charge_zpsvmhtatx1.gifMerv air stand charge_zpsfxsgc5rp.
Standing charge

Merv down charge_zpsgmefc2qy.gifMerv air down charge_zpsieommop3.g
Down charge

Merv up charge_zpszioodejr.gif
Up charge

Merv block charge_zpsbxj9wjfg.gifMerv air block charge_zpszuynwfo1.
Block charge

Here is an example of a short combo using 2 charge attacks.Merv charge combo_zpsudqehiaz.gif

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