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We posted an updated feature list that pretty much talks about what Project Horizon is, what it's about, our vision, etc.

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“Project Horizon is a game where you play your own personal Pirate, exploring unknown worlds with a pirate crew, dominating enemies, from vast lands to the never-ending seas, in attempts to pillage glorious treasures.”
In Project Horizon the user plays as a pirate customized to the their liking and focuses largely on the concept of exploration. The player has the ability to choose their world's "seed" which will then generate an entirely new and unique world based on that seed. Every world is infinitely expanding, giving the player the satisfaction of never knowing what they’re going to find, what they're going to see, and what adventures they’ll experience, and allowing for limitless exploration. From the cities you venture to the treasure you seek, down to the enemies you’ll seek and destroy, Project Horizon strives to offer a new unique pirate experience.
Project Horizon will give the player the ability to fully customize a character down to their clothing and body features. With a personalized character, the player can take their adventure online through player hosted servers, bringing their stats, items, features, etc. with them. Players have the ability to team up with a crew to either team up with or fight other pirates crews they come across. Whether they choose to become a pirate-for-hire, a pirate on their friend’s crew, or even a pirate overlord themselves, they can venture the seas in search for new treasure that could essentially build themselves into one of the most feared pirates across the servers. As you adventure throughout the game, players build a "bounty" on their head (which serves as the experience) and as they increase their bounty, they gain abilities to craft better weapons, armor and expand on their crew, to become a better pirate overall.
The games plays with 3rd person, over the shoulder combat, where each pirate has action-based attacks along with certain abilities based on their specific types. Players have the ability to go anywhere, be it on land, boat, or even in the water; Combat can be done on land or on boats. As players sail the seas on their ship, they are given the ability to engage other ships in open combat, choosing to weaken the boat and board the ship, taking all their treasures and their lives, show compassion to enemy ships and let them proceed, or to show no mercy and bring the enemy ship to the depths of the sea. Throughout the lands there will be "friendly" pirate cities, where the player has the ability to rest, interact, trade with other players, or pirate cities that are "safe" but anything can happen against other players. Aside from pirate cities, there are also other cities with citizens that don’t take kindly to pirates, and could serve dangerous to explore.
Since Project Horizon offers an endless experience, the game has plenty of unique enemies that inhabit the world. Ranging from humanoid type enemies such as typical fantasy lore characters to many different type of beasts and monsters. The game will have plenty of new enemies to find, as well as after core development, we wish to continuously add new types enemies that players can engage as they explore the world. There are also random events where players can find unique boss and/or special enemies. These random events will be pinged across the server to all the players notifying them of the of coordinates of the event.
The game will have a class based system that isn't necessarily combat focused, but pirate-role focused. Some examples are the Captain, who runs the ship, tells people where to go, what to do, and literally calls the shots; the Navigator, that will have the ability to plot courses to destinations of the unknown; the "Scout" that would normally man the crow's nest, and will have abilities to see potential threats or opportunities that any other type of pirate would not see. Note: These are just some short examples of the class system inside Project Horizon.
Another major concept is the pirate crew. As a pirate captain, (guild leader) the player will have the ability to fully create and customize their ship with 100% freedom on where they place components, what colors they are, etc. as well as the clothing that can better personalize their their crew. The player will have the freedom to choose the name, emblem and based on the amount of money invested in to the crew, amount of foundation and firepower the ship holds. Crews will have the ability to form alliances with other crews as well as turn on them at any given point, as Pirates can be deceitful!

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