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Experiments with some generative mechanisms. Flowers chains and "combo" variant. Try my laboratory prototypes and a new demo level, on android / windows desktop / web

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Core collections of flowers

In the Butterfly game, there will be a chain mechanism. The more you chain the flowers, the more they will grow and increase your score. When you open several flowers at the same time, you achieve a flower combo : you gain more points and an alternate bloom

Here is an in-game integration test, with my game engine which is fully running. I did some researches on generative mechanisms, there are 120 precalculated states of growing

Flowers integration test

Try this prototype on android / web / windows desktop :
(Rollover the buds to make them bloom,
quickly chain the flowers to improve the growing)

Geometric flowers

The flowers in the Butterfly game are composed by some fractal mechanisms. I really enjoy this natural horology, it's magical, and it is an effective way to generate a complete collection of interpolated assets

The flower motif is already managed by a fractal tool I worked on. To increase the flower, I designed a tool to expand the structure and manage several motifs. The 7 branches model seems to nicely work

7 branches generative model

Try this star fractal tool on android / web / windows desktop :
(press "+" to add a branch to the motif,
move cursor / orient device to shape a nice fractal,
press anywhere to play the growing animation,
press anywhere to pause animation for editing)

Flowers development iterations

Once the model was designed, a technical solution to manage this content had to be validated. Mobile game development have a lot of constraints, like low memory and processor

On my 1st iteration, I adapted my model and made a demo that matches the mobiles needs. I plan to have 7 steps of growing, to support a 7 flowers length max chain. Finally, everything is precalculated before the game for a reasonable time

On a 2nd iteration, flower formulas were adjusted, the rendering refined, and a new combo variant of growing added

Sprite sheet : Flower chain 1Sprite sheet : Flower chain 2

Try these flowery fractal demos on android / web / windows desktop :
(press anywhere on screen to play/stop the animations)

Thanks for reading, I hope you'll appreciate my work in progress, more, soon ^^

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