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Improvement Demo version 1.1

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Ok, I just uploaded an improved version of the demo. Let's say that it will be 1.1 version. People have different opinions, but the most important errors are:

+ Bugs in the collision between the hero and the wall.
+ A few typos, spelling and style in the dialogues.
+ A few graphics stylistic glitches.

Although these are small changes, unnoticeable things but all fixed. However, the details are important. ;)

Hit to the DOWNLOAD section to check it out.

Oh, and one more thing, in-game music is not finished, in spite of all I decided to put it in game (only two *.xm unfinished themes) but, they will not work until You change the file name in one of them to "module", for example: "module_1.xm" to "module.xm" (same with _2.xm). So, decide which one You want to use, or don't use any until it will be finished. :)

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