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The changelog for Improved Europa Universalis 3 v0.2.1 Chronicles

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Different changes for the
Chinese Government
Absolute Monarchy
and some small changes like more officials per year.


-Some small changes for Far east Religions


-Double effiency

Events and Decisions:

-Different changes


-The shogun can now declare war under 80 to daimyos
and over 80 to other countrys.

-The daimyos can now declare war under 75

-A bad relation to an other daimyo as shogun decreases shogun influence with 2

Main changes:

-Peace now decreases the stability cost modifier

-Scorched earth decreases supply limit

-Negative stability makes now 2 revolt risk more every step

-A trade agreement increases now the trade efficiency

-A placed merchant increases culture

-Some culture decisions costs now money

German Patch included.

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