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This News article contains the January 23rd, 2015 news from Friday(today). It is recommended you have at-least 6/10 Intelligence before reading this news article as it may benefit you. Have a Very Nice Day.

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Okay so, I've decided that on Friday (today) I'll be working on importing models from Anon-HL2 to Retail-HL2 in hopes of replace the regular retail combine with the amazing Beta ones. I'm not sure If It'll work because Anon-HL2 uses a different engine than Half-Life 2 so, yeah. If anyone could help me out in figuring this stuff out, It'd be very much appreciated, also if you do i'll give you credit for helping me out with my mod in the Full-Released Version of SSM2. It will contain credits. That's about it folks, thanks and have a wonderful day.

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