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So with some things happening, we are going to be switching to our forum from now on

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So we have decided to make our forum the main page and this one may or may not be updated anymore, so we have had it archived so that way we can keep it if we decide to return to moddb.
So here is the forum So if you want to find any thing about all of our projects, you need to go to the forum. This also allows the team to better communicate with each other. So goodby to moddb for now!


I hope you'll at least post some of the major updates on moddb because i am the type of person who doesn't like to be on a lot of different forums at the same time. I like moddb where i can just see all of the updates at once but i agree with the decision of having your own forums. Thank you for reading and i wish you guys luck.

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I just checked the forum to see if there is anything new.
There I noticed subforum for a game "Nova".
What is that game?
Are you creating 2 games at the same time?

I will maybe check the forum from time to time,most to see if there is anything relevant going on about nerve gear.
Obviously I expect tests images and findings about for example testing if you can :
1.Send spicy signals to your brain
2.Send smell of roses
3.Send a sound that can be indentified by the person you sent this information
After this minor tests which are done while user is awake you would finally proceed to bigger tests like:
1.Stopping the movement of the body
2.Inducing dream like state
3.Sending signals for sound,smell,touch and readiing them.

If the users are in a dream like state,does that mean when they wake up from the game they will forget everything they done in the game?

If I see what I have described,I shall check the forum...

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