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This mod is finally completed and will be released on the 23rd of december

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After alot of work messing around with the models and stuff i finally am able to release this mod on the 23/12/2014 this is like my christmas present for all railway fans espechially those like me who always wanted to have some trains that are brittish.

I was very intrested in making my own version of my town on gta because i loved the way i can use the train in real life and see it on my game when im at home. It feels very local and i will proberley try to add more apects to the mods in future :)

This mod will contain 2 streak models. The main streak is the version in the pictures with the lights that are setup to look like the real lights from the real train. The other streak will be in a folder named streak with no light. This means its a normal model of the train but the lights are standard so basically the lights the original streak has that only come on at night.

This model will replace



(For the back carrage)

The last carrage on all streaks should be set to freibox so the carrages look complete because if not then your left with no back to the train. This can be done in gta sa train limiter.

as an added note i will NOT lock the dff or ruin it. I dont mind people editing it. I mean editing is fun right?

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