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Hello all, we are now working very hard to fix those issues with crashing and is now trying to bring up with a solution for all beloved players of Full Invasion, stay tuned!

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Possibly other Sword of Damocles factions
Merge some units into one to stop cluttered -
Dismemberment and Decapitation
Gun smoke no longer greyish
Tons of awesome stuff from Demon Mod
Lots and lots of new factions + new invader factions
fixed to maps
more bug fixs

v0.10 Change Log
(Defenders factions in total = 62)
Stuff that is done already:
v0.10 - 101 maps in total
New Defender Factions:
The Musketeers,
The Highlanders,
Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth,
The Muscovite Tsardom,
The Crimean Khanatee,
Kingdom of Sweden
The Cossack Hetmanate
With Fire and Sword Factions Combined - thanks to WFAS devs for permission for allowing us to port the whole WFAS over to Fuin2

pretty much all factions from 1812-1815 Napoleonic (credit- Poomtang)
British - 100%
French- 100%
Prussian - 100%
Polish Mercenary - 100%
Netherland mercenary : 100%
New Defender Factions: (Seven Years' War factions, 1754-1763 Era)

Great Britain: 100%
France : 100%
Prussia: 100%
Spain : 100%
Astria: 100%
Sweden: 100%
Hanover: 100%
Russia: 100%
Saxony: 100%
Portugal: 100%

buff Sauron

Hammerite faction inspired from Thief: 100%
more multiplayer bots for people who play alone

New maps: Minas Tirith+ Battle of the Pelennor Fields + Siege of Osgiliath + Siege of DolAmroth + The Battle of Cair Andros + alot of LOTR scenes
fixed trees, grass and ground textures
fixed banner textures, main menu screen and stuff
new models for the skeleton army
Removed Invasion of little babes
Removed Guard's Class in 16th Century
fixed lods problems with many helmets and armors
rifle smokes for normal rifle is back (E.g long rifle)
new items for empire
skeletons have unique sounds
robots enemy for the remnant invasion
16th century surcoat messing up with natvie rhodok surcoat fixed
more guns and items added to spec-ops faction
Roman General Helmets Fixed
Nerf Invasion of Rome and Invasion of Skeletons

Japanese Invasion: 100%
Chinese Invasion : 100%
some fixs to textures and some retexturing
persian cavalry bug fixed
New Invasion: Invasion of the Remnants (Ghosts)
possibly more LOTR maps (Edoras, Orc Camp, Elven Fortress etc..)

new horse model for mah little ponies
new japanese warrior monks
new faces from our old mod
modern guns has unique sounds for each one
replace some existing music with legit ones
Assassins now have access to become Elite Assassins of War
Fixed HK MP7 Gun Position

new types of bullets + ammos for modern guns
pirate class added to 16th Century (Women only)
Zombies have new animations
more samurai stuff
Mordor now have 'Fat Orc Brute' mob and new challengers such as the Easterlings and the Black Numenoreans

historical lords project
terrorists can buy chainsaws
revert pistol reloading speed back to normal
Textures size reduced (Have no effects on graphics)
New names to maps with no names
modern scenes is now back
banners and loading screens ugly bug fixed
Court of Reveran helmets bugged fixed
some weapons to super heros
saracen helmets on persian invaders weird texture bug fixed
WW2 Rifles have new sounds
Only Devs and Admins can play as invaders
Reload speed for pistols slightly increase
damage system redone
earth barricade disappears from a distance -bug fixed
colonist armours disappears from a distance bug fixed
goblin heads disappears from a distance bug fixed
mordor uruk have no hands bug fixed
bridge disappears from a distance bug fixed
arrow refill disappears from a distance bug fixed
barricade disappears from a distance bug fixed
crazy farmers now have melee weapons
rabbit and bear no long have white static meshes
All arrows, all types of javelins and stuff is now refillable - thanks to Arch3r for help
Several maps bugged is now fixed
zulus mess up the game fixed
imperial legion armours lod-bugged fixed
possible grey screens fixed
various stuff redone/ bugs fixed

(please do not worry about the mod's size because it will not affect your game performance)

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