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please read below for more detail about the beta release of this mod

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Hello everybody! chinese dominance has awoken from its slumber and is now ready to go into the final stretches of the first beta release! Which is why its ever so important that we get new members that are good in the fields such as mappers and ai scripters. and of course beta-testers :)
I will be uploading a trailer on youtube (my account) GRANS Productions and probabaly here on moddb. I hope to have this trailer released before 2 weeks have passed, i still have to fix some bugs, and i have school to do but it shouldn't be too long :) and remember: when the trailer g online it means the beta is done and being tested so it should be released for public download 1-2 days after (if all goes according to plan)
just to overview the beta will be infantry general only and the ai will unfortunately not use any of the new units (unless i get a scripter) but he will use any replaced units. for example if i replaced the battlemaster tank with a better one he'll build that. but he won't build the moving fortress (lucky for you guys)
the release will include all of the new infantry, vehicles, tanks, aircraft, and buildings for the infa general as well as custom unit descriptions, more money choices, and more colour choices. as well as some gameplay changes. ill include a text document with them all in the release for anyone whos interested
The money and colour choices go here and I also have a poll here. please check it out as its kind of important for gameplay (especially GLA players)
if you or someone you know is skilled as a mapper, scripter or beta-tester then please join or tell them to join, the mod becomes much more fun if its complete with all the extra little things.
Thanks! - Admiral

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