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this is important news, and unfortunately, bad news at that...........

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yes thats right, this is quite important news, your probably thinking "whats going on?" which i am going to tell you now.......

This mod is being locked in a vault and shutdown, and for a couple of reasons:

1. Im stuck smack bang right in the middle of my diploma of multimedia studies and i really dont have any time to actively work on it anymore

2. we have an extreme lack of team members

3. and anyone that 'WAS' working on the mod disapeared and never reported back for reasons unknown

yes i know, quite a turn for the worst, but i just dont have the time to work on it anymore, since im studying my diploma of multimedia and it's getting really busy since i have to work for a client (part of my studies), plus the lack of team members makes it really hard too.

if i ever find the time again and manage to get more people on the team, then i might consider re-opening the project later, but for now the project will be shutdown until such a time.

untill that time, i wish you all well for your future travels.


(P.S: NO assets will be released, NO maps, NO code, NO anything, so do not ask)


*sighs* Yeah, like I didn't know that'd happen.

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Aww. I was looking forward to this mod, Such a great idea. If you ever need help with your other mods or if this one starts back up email me at make subject Quake1 & other projects and ill see if i can help you, you can also PM me on this site.

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