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Very good I invite you to read this content to understand that it will play, learn and enjoy an experience with the Chupacabras.

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Hello good Morning;
I will talk a bit more of the game, it is a Mexican legend who was born in the villages, which killed an animal supposedly alien sucking them all the cattle, all started by killing goats leaving them completely pale and bloodless hence the name Chupa (lick) Goats (goats) "chupacabras" "lick goats" legend became popular and was forgotten after, now vengoa revive my way, the game has a system panic and calm, you have to take a pill to calm growing you're on the verge of panic, if it reaches 0 you lose the game and you have to restart it, you have to collect 11 objects themselves to create a bait with 3 hearts, dynamite and more things you will find in the game once you find all earn but it will not be easy every jumpscare you remove calm and increase the panic, and that's not all our host we pursue to the end of time the chupacabras if this way too close we remove calm and the only safe place is the lake and cabin where you take the pills, no more to say well enjoy what I have created more than anything for fun and a little terror eque d apart is the prequel to my previous game "the chupacabras".

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