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First news, first important announcement: Universe change New title Story rewriting

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Greetings !

May have noticed this when reading the summary page, but I don't speak English very well,
I'll try to do my best despite this problem.

After a a few hours of conversation, my colleague (another French named Gamegore) and I have decided to change the game world and the story in it's integrality.
The game is now a fan game of the Silent Hill series, called Silent Hill: Forbidden Sins.

White Heaven no longer exists and gives way to a known universe, the one of Silent Hill.

Who says new world says also new history, here's the story so far, which is connected to those of Silent Hill Origins, 1, 3 and The Room.

You are Lucy, a cop from the town of Brahms. One evening, your boss sends you to Silent Hill to investigate about mysterious disappearances (including James Sunderland, disappeared over ten years ago) and strange phenomena have occurred recently.

It would have been a task without interest if the last few weeks before tonight, you didn't make these disturbing nightmares during which you are tied to a chair, hearing a voice asking you to come to Silent Hill to discover your sixth sense.

A sixth sense ?
What does that mean ?

No big deal, you are at the outskirts of the town now, with the desire to know why those nightmares brought you here, Silent Hill, this city where the screams are just whispers.

Here's the first teaser of the game (Med-quality), made by Gamegore.

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