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The WIP List of Imperials Fighters and Ships, still needs some work

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TIE starfighter ( 10 fighters per Squadron - Not Buildable, Comes out certain Imperial ships)
TIE/In interceptor (7 Fighters per Squadron- Not Buildable, Comes out certain Imperial ships)
TIE/sa bomber (5 bombers per Squadron - Not Buildable, Comes out certain Imperial ships)
Scimitar assault bomber (Tech 2 - 5 Bombers per Squadron, also spawns out of Thrwans Flagship)
TIE/D Defender (Tech 1 - 7 Bombers per Squadron)
Nssis-class Clawcraft (Tech 2 - 7 Fighters per Squadron, Can only be built on Csilla)
TIE Scout ( Tech 1 - 3 Fighters per Squadron)
TIE Hunter (Tech 2 - Sith Transport)

Broadside-class cruiser kdb-1 (Tech 1)
Lancer-class frigate(Tech 1)
Guardian - Class light Cruiser(Tech 2)

EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate (Tech 1) (Light)
Carrack light Cruiser (Tech 2) (Light)
Immobilizer 418 cruiser(Tech 2) (Light)
Acclamator II-class assault ship (Tech 1) (Medium)
Strike-class medium cruiser(Tech 2) (Medium)
Venator-class SD (Tech 2) (Heavy)
Victory SD (Tech 2) (Heavy)
Victory SD II (Tech 3) (Heavy)

Star Destroyers
Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (Tech 3)
Secutor Star destroyer (Tech 4)
Imperial II-class Star Destroyer (Tech 4)

-class Star Dreadnought (Tech 5 - Limit 3) (Buildable at Kuat and Fondor)
Eclipse-class dreadnought (Tech 5 - Limit 1, Can only be Built on Byss)

Imperial Captain (Fleet Commander)

Acclamator I-class assault ship (2 Turbolaser Cannons, 4 Laser Cannons and 1 Proton Torpedo Tube)
Sentinel-class landing craft
Imperial loader shuttle (for Vehicles)
Theta-class AT-AT barge
Lambda-class T-4a shuttle


What about Secutor Star destroyer?

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Svenwalker94 Author

the pictures i could fine were not very clear, and there not a good description of its weapon systems :(

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Svenwalker94 Author

Tell you what i will do, i will replace the Praetor with the Secutor ok :) and thanks for the pics

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Thats ok :) but if its to hard don't worry ;).

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Svenwalker94 Author

just done some research on Wookiepidia, turns out it was a lightly armored tie fighter carrier. so I am demoting it to a star destroyer

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