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The Imperial Remnant will get same ships from the Galactic Empire including some new Ships, Destroyers, Cruisers, Frigates and etc. The spotlight of the ships are down below.

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-Ships Added for the Imperial Remnant -

The Imperial Remnant side added some new ships that some fans will be familiar with, alone with a few fan favorite hero's, units.

Some examples that I've have added to the mod


- TIE/Ln Starfighter

- TIE/Ag Aggressor Starfighter

- TIE/D Automated Starfighter

- TIE/sk x1 Experimental Air Superiority Fighter (ground use only)

- TIE Vanguard

- Preybird-class Starfighter


- TIE/sa Bomber

- TIE/D Defender

- Scimitar assault bomber

- Missile Boat

- TIE/IT Interdictor starfighter


- TIE/ad Starfighter

- TIE/ph Phantom

- TIE/sr Starfighter

- Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing

- TIE/HU Hunter multi-role starfighter

==Experimental TIE's==

- TIE Experimental M1

- TIE Experimental M2

- TIE Experimental M3

- TIE Experimental M5

Support Craft

- TIE/rp Reaper Attack Lander

- Lambda-class T-4a Combat Shuttle

- Sentinel-Class Landing Craft

- Gamma-Class assault shuttle

- Gamma-Class TR-6 assault transport

Capital Ships

- Chiss Star Destroyer

Chiss Destroyer

- Imperial II-class Star Destroyer

Imperial II Class

-Not Shown but added into the mod-

- Turbulence-class Battlecruiser

- Imperial III-class Star Destroyer

- Imperial I-class Star Destroyer

- EX-F Sorannan-class Star Destroyer



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