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Development on Imperial Reign, a Star Wars total conversion for Company of Heroes - Tales of Valor revealed.

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Imperial Reign

Greetings fellow RTS fans and modders! I'm here to announce the development of Imperial Reign, a Star Wars mod for
Company of Heroes - Tales of Valor.

Imperial Reign is about the Imperial occupancy of the Outer Rim worlds (Tatooine, Lok, Rori, Dac, etc). The time-line sits roughly between the events of Episodes 3 - 5, during the peak of the Empire's strength. Fear is everywhere and the Galactic Empire holds a firm grip, but the Rebellion realizes that gaining support and control of these worlds holds key strategic value to fighting the Empire.

Before You Ask:

Why Company of Heroes and why another Star Wars mod?

Company of Heroes has the ability to truly depict the intensity of Star Wars battles in a way other games can not with its full destructibility, tactical systems, and an engine where it further enriches what will be a dark setting, this sets a basis for something that old fans of Star Wars can appreciate after the Clone Wars turned Star Wars into Telly Tubbies in space. As such, it was the perfect choice for a conversion. Our team is comprised of a couple modders who saw the same potential and awesomeness of a Star Wars conversion and here we are.

What factions will there be?
The Empire and the Rebellion.

What's actually been done?

A few things currently being worked on are the user interface, skins, and weapons (pictures up top show a couple examples).

Is there anything I can do to help?

If you are experienced in any areas of development like texturing, modeling, soundfx, coding, we could use you. If you would like to join us, head on over to our temporary forums at , register, and introduce yourself in the Meet & Greet section stating what you profess in.


Project Leaders

  • Project Managers - Bob_Bobber0, Zeridian

Web Site Development

  • Lead - Infernozeus

Open Positions

  • Modelers - Zeridian, Squatch, WelshManDan, hydrax
  • Texturers/Skinners - BurtondrummerNY
  • Sound Developer - Bob_Bobber0, gamerisin
  • Programmers - BurtondrummerNY, gamerisin, Squatch, imxset21
  • Mappers - Position nullified for now.

Additional research provided by: Nomad

** On leave due to RL.

New types of positions will appear as mod develops

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