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Here's the gameplay that we have now for Immortal Love.

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's the gameplay that we have now for Immortal Love. It features two bosses so far. Here, we're demonstrating the basic moving and attacking mechanics. This particular build
is from a Noob Jam at UAT from a while back. This version of the game was made in Blender, but we're planning to make the switch to Unity. There isn’t much here
right now, but it is a good starting point leading to where we want to head
with the game.

The most striking thing that you’ll notice is the liberal use of blacks and whites, as well as
the hand drawn art. Okay, well the art part was a joke, but the color scheme
seems to fit in well with the game so far. We’ll look to improve clarity and
visibility any way we can while still maintaining our color scheme.

The gameplay is akin to classic style side-scrolling games like Castlevania or Metroid. In the
gameplay here, our hero is equipped with an axe that travels in a straight
trajectory and dies off. In the final game, we’ll have a greater selection of
weapons to meet greater challenges. The bosses that we have now can easily be
defeated by simply jumping up onto the platforms that line up with their
changing weak spots. Other bosses in the future will not be so easy. Some may
require you to attack at specific timings, while others will require specific
weapons to use in order to defeat them. For instance, if a boss’s weak spot is
at a higher elevation, and there are no platforms to use, you may have to use
an arcing weapon to get hits in.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I hope that you enjoy the gameplay that we have so far. Everyone here
on the team is looking forward to working on the project in the future and
getting more content out for people to see.

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