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A server in gothic multiplayer mod, everyone who can speak english is welcome to play!

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Trailer :

Storyline :

Well, it's a long story ( It all starts before Gothic 1 ). I am Thorusus, King of Khorinis. I was once one of the Generals of Rhobar, but after the last Battle of Varant, I and General Lee were sent to the penal colony of Khorinis. We fought to survive there, I joined the Mages of Fire. After the fall of the barrier, I, like many others, became a Bandit. I soon built my own camp and had Kriskiy, a former novice in the colony, as my right hand. We plundered and stole what we could to live, but I was determined to have my vengence over Rhobar. Then, a month after the fall of the barrier, a nameless guy took the paladin ship to Myrtana along with Lee. I knew it was my chance, some knights were still in the Valley of Mines and orcs were getting closer. I led a raiding party to enter the city and murdered Lord Hagen with my own hand. And, since that very day, I declared that I was Lord of Khorinis, and King of the Island and that we were an independent city-state free from the influence of Myrtana and Rhobar. After the departure of Lee on the Esmeralda, Fracny, one of his boys, became the new leader of what remained of the mercenaries. Also, since the monastery was in ruin, I, generous and benefactor King Thorusus ordered to start the reconstruction and renovation of the monastery. Bandits took an advantage of the situation to establish some camps here and there and there were also some rumors about Pirates in the other side of the Island. But there is but little concern about that.

The server offers :

  1. Tons of NPCs to feel like playing in a real world.
  2. Dangerous monsters so it might not be easy to travel for newcomers.
  3. Loot from monsters and merchants to sell your loot and buy potions, ammo, weapons etc...
  4. An amazing storyline.
  5. A good quality RP.
  6. Special events.
  7. And much more...

Link to the Forum :

Link to Gothic Multiplayer :

Link to download the Gothic Multiplayer mod :

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