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I'm sorry but I will no longer be working on this mod, please read the full description for the reasons

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First of all I want to say that I made a lot of mistakes with the development of this mod, I initially started off in the Hammer Editor trying to recreate a simple apartment from HL2, after a while of editing I thought "Hey this isn't that bad, I should make this into a full scale mod" This was a big mistake I had no idea what direction I wanted to take this in, no idea for a story or even how I would transition into the next level. After I had experimented with the first level I just created a new level and just started to map giving no thought as to how this would transition or any thought towards any aspect of gameplay.

In short what I'm trying to say is that I had no plan, which was a big mistake I ended up creating two completely levels and just basically cutting a stitching to try and get some sort of transition between the two levels and the end result was very very poor. Yet for some reason I didn't learn from this mistake and repeated this for 2 more levels. In truth by writing this I am admitting that there was no way I was able to release The City partially because it is currently not in a fit state to be released but also because if I was to complete the mod it would mean having to link levels and crate new ones which would produce something terrible.

However some good has come out of this, i understand the value and importance of fully fleshing out my ideas both on paper and in Hammer before starting to add detail which is why i have started to plan out another project [Although it may be some while before it hits MODDB]

I will be uploading all of the unfinished .vmf and .bsp as well as some media to the page before I officially shut the mod down just so that I can get some feedback to my levels. I was temped to do a video of my levels with a voice over telling you all how it should be, but I will only do this if enough people request it

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